About Us

Everbright Engineering Company (EEC) was created in 1982 as a pump and motor trading company. Since its inception, it has moved into pumping infrastructure projects for both public and private sector clients. EEC has emphasized its work force and perfected its technical skill to emerge as a primary EPC contractor in all major pumping and electrical infrastructure projects for many government departments in Tamil Nadu.

With the economic uptake and the speedy urbanization of the villages and towns, the demand for drinking water and better sanitation has become a core agenda for both EEC and the government. During the year 2000, EEC invested heavily in piping infrastructure for water supply distribution systems. Since then the company has successfully laid, tested and commissioned DI & CI pipes in many cities, towns and villages across Tamil Nadu.

Today the company continues its successful history in completing core EPC infrastructure projects in both clean water & sewage pumping operations. With its foot firming grounded in Tamil Nadu, the company has envisioned the future in building its reputation as a finest EPC infrastructure company in India.

Our Capabilities